Culpeper Robotics

Culpeper Robotics is a VEX Robotics team located in Culpeper, VA
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About Us

Culpeper Robotics is a non-profit educational program that offers students from all educational backgrounds including public, private and home-school the opportunity to learn principles in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects through the use of the VEX Robotics Program (www.vexrobotics.com). With mentorship from community volunteers, students engage in an engineering design challenge that integrates project management, the design cycle, engineering and computer programming concepts into an engaging and cohesive year-long challenge.

    In addition to learning 21st century skills through competitive robotics, these students are utilizing their creativity and critical thinking to solve the engineering challenge. This competition drives students to collaborate internally as a team, and also externally to explain their robot design to judges and potential alliance partners. The students are practicing soft skills that will help them excel in the workplace while developing a love of STEM.

Each team is also given a page on this website where they can publish more information about their team and their robot. Here are the links to the teams pages:

7122a.culpeper-robotics.org 7122a.culpeper-robotics.org
7122c.culpeper-robotics.org 7122c.culpeper-robotics.org